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Keeping your online information in your hands and away from prying eyes.

100% Realtime

On report activation you gain instant access to your information published online. At any point should any information related or indirectly related to you get published, your report reflects it.


Benefit from partners being offered partial information updates, relationship status(es) can be manipulated and we look after your beloved too.


Designed with mobile in mind. Your Identity protection report is fully accessible from any mobile device Apple and all other smartphones & tablets.


See what's inside-we cover all aspects of identity guarding.


By far, IdentityReport.co.uk has the cutting edge over all our competitors within the market of keeping identities safe and secure. Keep updated quickly and timely, our in house developed software gives you alerts based on a traffic light structure, green, yellow and red alerts for your attention.

buy now ₤31.99 instant activation and 30 days reporting


We ensure that you know where your information is published online in the exact places you should find them. Anythig out of the ordinary or something you'd personally like to investigate? We can point you in the exact location of it. We also provide all the necessary tools to request that any host holding information inaccurate, misleading or for any other reason you like. We have those removed for you.

buy now ₤31.99 instant activation and 30 days reporting


Just some of the reasons why the UK loves IdentityReport.co.uk and all for
£31.99 you can find out for 1 month.

100% Realtime

Your report is provisioned directly by us, your data is collected, collated and aggregated in realtime as you're signing up to the service, part-way through the process, our server technology is working overtime in the background to serve up your report by the time you log in for the first time.


We know that people are on the move constantly and would like to see thier reports on wherever they may be. We developed all our ID protection reports to show up on a multitude of devices, including laptops, mobiles and tablets.


Our data is amassed by the powerhouses of the internet, absorbing terabytes of data about all our clients to ensure thier online profile is kept to themselves and out of prying eyes. We update your report daily to ensure that the service we provide is how you want it and when you need it.


Buying IdentityReport.co.uk for £31.99, comprises of 2 debit(s) today, a debit/credit card pre-authorisation or debit £0.16 (for address and identity verification) and the full fee of £31.83 which includes activation and will continue monthly subscription at the total fixed price of £31.99 monthly on or immediately after 28th day of the month thereafter until cancelled. You will never be charged above the set monthly subscription price during your monthly billing cycle.


£31.99 /month

  • Unlimited profile update requests
  • Full data removal request tools
  • Email alerts to profile/data changes
  • SMS alerts to changes
  • 30 Days reporting incl. activation
  • Instant activation
  • Companies House checks included
Buy now £31.99
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